Power Play Coaching

The Power Play program is designed to provide a more concentrated coaching experience than the Fast Track program. With weekly coaching calls from an unparalleled coaching staff, Power Play Coaching will help you to produce results.

What Can You Expect from Power Play Coaching?

  • Group call focusing on your business needs.
  • Power Play Coaches selected specifically to get you into action mode in order to produce results.
  • The opportunity to focus on one of the specialty groups for six months and then choose another.
  • Includes a weekly one hour coaching session.
  • Coaching with industry leading coaches who will help transform your business.
  • Skills lessons that will help you focus on key area to improve your business now!

Mastering Short Sales

Introduction to short sales
Get an in depth introduction to the state of short sales in our industry today.

Short Sale Basics & Steps
Success begins with nailing down the basics.

Common Homeowner Questions & Answers
Learn all of the most common homeowner questions and objections and how to answer/overcome them.

Why You Should Master Short Sales
Discover the ways that short sales will catapult your career.

Lead Sources of Short Sales
Lead generation is the name of the game. Learn the top lead sources for getting short sale leads. Implement these lead sources correctly in your business and begin obtaining short sale listings left and right. We will look at 21 great ways to generate leads.

The Mindset of the Short Seller
Short sale transactions are filled with negative seller emotion. Learn how create compassion and trade loyalty with your short sale prospects, significantly increasing your success rate.

The Short Sale Process
Learn the entire short sale process step by step along with all of the tips and tricks that have taken Knolly over five years (and hundreds of transactions) to learn.

Pre-qualifying the Prospect
Significantly increase your success rate by learning how to pre-qualify your prospects by asking the right questions.  This is critical!

Gathering the Short Sale Package
Learn the proven system that will have banks loving you! How to quickly and efficiently collect a complete package every time.

Listing the Property on the MLS
Get your listings shown and SOLD quickly by placing them on MLS using Knolly’s tried and true MLS listing techniques.

Submitting the Package to the Lender
Submit your package the right way and avoid costly delays and bank apathy. Increase the bank’s response time and close the sale quicker than you ever thought possible.

Relentless Followup
Followup is a delicate ‘acrobatic’ balance between tenacity and patience. Learn how to do it right.

Lender Ordered BPO/Appraisal
Get the correct price on the lender ordered BPO or Appraisal and you will greatly increase the number of files you close. Learn how to get the right price.

Lender Approval Letter or Counter Offer
Knolly gives you a step by step walk-thru of the lender’s approval letter. Learn how to interpret the approval and/or negotiate for the best terms.

Closing the File
After a file is approved, it can still get bogged down for several reasons. Obtain the key information that will close your approved transactions sooner.

FHA Short Sales
Learn the unique aspects of FHA and VA short sales, and why they may be the best short sale opportunities available.

About your Commission
Learn what you can do to get your full commission.

Additional Tips
Many additional tips, tools and techniques will help you
navigate around nearly every potential short sale pitfall.

ALSO, learn how to set up a short sale team.
PLUS – each session will include 20 minutes of Q&A time, so you can get assistance with your
current and ongoing short sales.

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