One-on-One Technology Coaching

MAPS offers specialized One-on-One Technology Coaching to give you the skills, systems and accountability you need to succeed, whether you are an agent or in leadership.

For Agents

Implement the MREA Lead Generation Model:

  • Set up and use 8×8 campaigns
  • Set up and use 33-touch campaigns
  • Set up and use 12 Direct campaigns

Focus on Internet lead generation using:

  • Your KW Website
  • Custom Websites
  • Microsites
  • Blogging
  • Social networking
  • Lead capture and conversion techniques

For Leadership

Implement recruiting systems, including:

  • Identifying and targeting recruits
  • Automating “Get the Appointment” plans
  • Automating follow-up plans
  • Targeting Cappers
  • Mass marketing to “have not mets”

Set up agent retention systems for your market center, including:

  • Automatic and leveraged intake programs for new recruits
  • Automatic 33-touch campaigns to your agents

Focus on Internet lead generation using:

  • Your recruiting Website
  • Your market center Website
  • Blogging
  • Social networking

Mastery Coaching Also Gives You

  • Registration to all our Keller Williams Realty and MAPS Signature Events for your role, including: Mega Camp, Masterminds and Family Reunion.
  • You also have the option to add a member of your team to your event registrations at only an additional $200 per month.

Contact Us for Coaching

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