Role Specific Coaching

MAPS offers specialized Role Specific Coaching to give you the skills, systems and accountability you need to succeed.

Productivity Coaching

Even the best coaches need a coach. Our Productivity Coaching program gives Productivity Coaches one-on-one attention with a specially-selected “Coach’s Coach.” You will:

  • Increase your agents’ productivity by 50 percent
  • Implement the strategies and principles in your Productivity Coach’s Book
  • Experience powerful coaching in mindset, skills and discipline with high accountability.

MCA Coaching

Our MCA Coaching program matches four MCAs with our hand-picked MCA Coaches. With a dedicated MCA Coach on your side, you learn:

  • Discipline and time-management skills
  • How to be accountable to your budget and forecasting models
  • How to manage staff, systematize your office, communicate with agents and get along with everyone in your office

Contact Us for Coaching

Do you have questions about the Keller Williams Encino-Sherman Oaks Coaching programs? Are you interested in joining any of our Coaching programs? Please complete the following form and we will follow up with you.