Fast Track Technology Programs

Our Fast Track programs give you exclusive access to improve your business in specific areas from blogging to mastering top producer to making technology income-producing. Fast Track Coaching was created to increase your profitability to prepare you for our exclusive Breakthrough and Mastery Coaching and includes powerful group calls by proven experts in each field.

Social Media

What you don’t know about social media could be costing you opportunities! This program covers all aspects of social media, from set-up to optimization. This program is for agents and team leaders!

Agents will learn:

  • How to build mind-share and client loyalty using social media
  • How to gain agent-to-agent referrals
  • How to build your profit share tree

Team Leaders will learn:

  • How to turn social media sites into a recruiting machine!

Building Your Business with Top Producer 8i

You can put the full power of Top Producer to work in your business by building a successful, income producing database and implementing systems to manage your marketing, leads, listings, contracts and closings. You will:

  • Establish your database, master lead entry and maintenance
  • Customize and maximize your marketing library and action plans, including targeted 8×8 and 33-Touch programs
  • Set-up automatic marketing for leads that come in from your Website
  • Create listing presentations, buyer consultations and CMAs that will WOW your clients
  • Automate and systematize lead, listing and contract management

Internet Lead Generation

Getting leads to your Website is more important that ever before! You will learn:

  • How to drive massive traffic to your Website
  • How to covert leads to appointments
  • How to become the dominant agent in your area on the Internet
  • How to leverage social networking to drive traffic to your Website


Blogging is more than a fad. It’s a proven way to generate leads and make more money. You will learn:

  • The “myth-understandings” of blogging in real estate
  • Step-by-Step processes to make blogging a part of your lead generation
  • Tips and tricks from some of the most successful real estate bloggers from across the country

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