Fast Track Programs

Our Fast Track programs give you exclusive access to improve your business in specific areas – from developing the right mindset to mastering language patterns to pricing listings correctly. Fast Track Coaching was created to increase your profitability to prepare you for our exclusive Breakthrough and Mastery Coaching and includes powerful group calls by proven experts in each field.

Language of Sales

Did you know that what you say and how you say it is more powerful in influencing people than your experience or your track record of success? In this course, Dianna, a master of the language of sales, will teach you how to make more money in less time simply by choosing the right words!

Free Recruiting Call

2010 will be a huge agent movement year! Do you have the strategies in place to position yourself to capitalize on this opportunity? Learn the top 10 recruiting strategies of 2009 and your best recruiting opportunities in 2010 on January 26th at 1:30 Central Time with Recruiting Strategist, Rich Rector!

An Hour with Heller the Home Seller

Did you close more than $450 million in the last five years?  Chris Heller did and he wants to show you how to do it! During this program, you will learn:

  • The importance of mental preparation for lead generation
  • How to develop a winner’s mindset
  • The six key practice skill areas that you must master
  • Real-life negotiating tactics that work

Client Care Management

Mimi Patrick was previously an office manager for megaproducing team, Gary and Nikki Ubaldini and is still an integral part of their team. Mimi will coach teams and/or assistants on client care management, including:

  • Systematizing your office
  • Using the DISC behavioral profile to your advantage
  • Managing listings, systems and checklists.

Power Recruiting

Ever wonder why your recruits just don’t get KW and all we offer? Have you found after your presentation that they want to think it over? Want to know how the best in the business do it? Power recruiting will help you recruit more agents in less time by taking your recruiting efforts from “E to P”.

What Can You Expect from Fast Track Coaching?

  • Group call focusing on your business needs.
  • Fast Track Coaches selected specifically to get you into action mode in order to produce results.
  • The opportunity to focus on one of the specialty groups for six months and then choose another.
  • Many different topics that will allow you to build your business one step at a time!
  • Two one-hour calls each month.

Contact Us for Coaching

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